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The pricing of graphic design does not have to be expensive

Are you hesitant to contact me for pricing and rather make an estimate yourself? You will get a good idea on this page. Viewpoint Studio will offer solutions for every budget to realise your project without financial stress. The table below shows a different view of what you can expect from the services I offer. Please consider this as an average and not as a quote. The final price is in a great degree related to the extensiveness of your order. The examples do not include the print-work and images because of the large diversity of the choice and quantity.

A nice quality business card costs about £50.00 for 100 prints. The print work for a quality hard-cover book with 100 pages in colour will cost you on average £6,000.00 if ordered per 1000. For every job, the same applies: the more you want the cheaper it will be per article.

Why £50 for DTP and £75 for graphic design per hour?

Please be aware that the pricing includes the daily operation of Viewpoint Studio and the equipment and licences for software. The design is more expensive because of the copyright and artistic quality. However, you are free to do whatever you want we the designs I sell. You cannot resell them as unique or claim to be the designer. Good design will boost your sales. The design is, therefore, considered as an extra value to the product of electronic publishing.

I would be pleased to get in touch with you if questions remain or to help you with a no strings attached quote. Viewpoint Studio provides financial plans for large orders and can make your invoice in any currency. I’ll be happy to discuss the terms and conditions with you.