signage close up


Good signage and lettering are as love at first sight

Good signage and lettering pop out where ever they are. When I walk along a street my eyes are caught by hundreds of visual stimulations. There is so much clutter off sings, information and publicity of all kinds around. It is very hard to stand out in the crowd. Our brain actually makes a preselection and is programmed to be attracted to what we subconsciously are interested in. Is it not so that we suddenly see something interesting, but when we are searching vigorously not find what we were looking for? Why do we see a shop that sells organic food? Because we associate organic with green, down to earth, natural colours, etc. We make those associations about everything, and without us knowing about it, make choices on a daily basis.

You do not only want to be visible in the hotchpotch of signs and windows you want your signage to say and look exactly like what you are doing. As a matter of fact, signage or lettering is the mirror of your business. It communicates a message. It only takes us a moment to decide whether we enter a shop or building or not. You want your potential customers to stay as long as possible and come inside. Once inside you do not want to disappoint them when they were expecting something completely different.

Part of your identity

Let your logo and slogan stand out. It will make a difference and I can design just the style you need to attract your target group. The possibilities are endless: cut out letters and logos, 3D forms, with lights or neon, full colour or monochrome, in metal or wood. I see signage and lettering as an extension of your business or corporate identity. If you already have a style or need something new or even refurbished than Viewpoint Studio can offer you various solutions tailored to your needs and budget. I can answer all your questions, so do not wait to make the first contact.