Leica camera close up


Photography is writing a story,…

…photography is writing with light. I grew up with a camera in my hands and learned photography before the computer. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using cameras for over 30 years. Four things define my work: ISO, shutter speed, aperture and composition. I use both analogue and digital cameras depending on the subject or effect desired. No matter what design work you want, images can add so much more. Stunning shots will attract the eye and can replace long texts or add depth to print. Imagine the possibilities in combination with different types of paper, in colour or black and white.

I’m still exploring new techniques and skills today and try to get exciting points of view in my work. As a member of a photography club, I am stimulated by the work of others. It is a way of broadening my horizons.

Viewpoint Studio can do your business photography; dynamic pictures of your workplace. I also do product photography; clear and crisp images of products for your website or brochures.

Digital or analogue?

You are probably wondering why one would shoot 35mm film in this day and age? Actually, it is a very sensible thing to do. I make a conscious choice between the two techniques. Analogue or film photography results in a warmer feeling and more textured image whilst digital photography delivers crisp realism. Atmospheric photos are better on film and technical photos are better with a digital camera. I invite you to browse through a small selection of my work in the gallery below. This will give you an impression of my work and style.

All images are scanned or transferred to a computer followed by a post-edit to get the colours just right. Effects can be applied where necessary, manipulation executed if needed, but always limited to a minimum. I try to take a good picture and look from all angles to get the perfect shot that is just good like it is. The Viewpoint Studio Instagram will keep you up to date with recent work. Do not wait and fire your questions away, I’ll be pleased to give you an answer or a detailed quote.