greeting card close up


Greeting cards

In the UK alone we send over 50 greeting cards per person every year. As a matter of fact, this number is very similar to many other countries alike. It is an enormous part of the graphic design and editing industry, even though it does not look like it. Add to that calendars (birthday and year) and stationery products to get a grasp of the size.

Viewpoint Studio offers a wide range of products and services in this segment. Greeting cards for every occasion and in any style: birthday, baby, get-well, condolences, new-year, Christmas, typographic, photographic, with digital drawings or artwork. Calendars in all sizes and formats with a unique design and all the information necessary. Stationery products are designed and made with the greatest care.

All these products are eye-catching and a must to have, just how you want them in the shops. I work with business partners who know the tricks of the trade and they work with me because of the expertise I offer in the field.

What do I have to offer?

The digital designs are checked and made ready for print whilst applying all the different print techniques and finishes. Print sheets can be prepared for your printer to reduce costs and to ease your overview. Low-resolution files or prints are sent out to you for verification before the final high-resolution files are transmitted to you or the printer. The finished product can be delivered worldwide, packed individually or in bulk.


I’ve been producing and editing greeting cards, calendars and stationery products for various publishers worldwide for over 17 years. Even though the branch has changed a lot over the years, I still keep up to date on design and technology. My customers still work with me for many years and many thousands of designs and edits. Viewpoint Studio also offers translations for greeting cards in any language and implements them in the designs. Feel free to browse through a snippet of what Viewpoint Studio has to offer in the gallery below.

If you are an editor or distributor of greeting cards, calendars or stationary products, I would be delighted to hear from you. We can set up a meeting and discuss every aspect and I can answer all your questions.