expo close up


Expo design is extremely versatile

Good expo design keeps the visitors inside. Together with you, we can find the perfect solution for your exhibition, museum or showroom. First of all, we will visit the site together and we will discuss all the possibilities. Shortly after you will be contacted with different solutions for the design. Viewpoint Studio makes clear visuals and signalisation to guide the visitors from point a to b. From the start to the end, every aspect will be attended and every detail covered. I will provide installation and we will do a check-up together to ensure that everything is in order.

A combination of different materials, design and light are generally used to design an expo. I look at an exhibition as a three-dimensional book and try to add the same structure and usability in the designs. I will take great care of the visual appeal and most of all the clarity of the information. Viewpoint Studio has the know-how to collect all the necessary information and also provides feedback where needed.

Like every other design, the price can vary depending on what you want and what your budget it. It is my goal to work closely with you and find the perfect match for your project. Please contact Viewpoint Studio to get in touch.