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Suitable design for your event publicity

Your event deserves attention and I give attention to your event publicity! I make flyers and posters for art-galleries, expositions, concerts, festivals, etc. Viewpoint Studio lets your event reflect in de publicity to attract the right target group. A lot of research goes into your event prior to the pre-designs for the publicity. Furthermore, I make a big deal of the readability of the information and advise you on what to add and what to remove. Although posters can look very pretty, they have to be visible from a great distance. Different propositions are presented to choose from. Your choice of design is then refined and send out for corrections. You can either choose to receive the digital format or the finished print.

The information on posters and flyers can be condensed in: what, who, when and where. The target or receiver gets all essential information and instructions as a result of these four questions. I can help you to optimise this information.

You can make event publicity profitable

As an extra I make program booklets to go with your event publicity. You can either give them away or sell them to help fund your investment. The booklets can be made in various forms and sizes to suit the occasion. I make you program structured and easy to use and leave plenty of space to add publicity.

Viewpoint Studio promises reasonable pricing so that you have plenty left for the organisation of your event. Please have a look at the gallery below to see a glimpse of my work. You can also contact me for more detailed information.