brochure close up


Brochures and folders can be attractive

Brochures and folders are the paper websites of your business. Let’s give printed publicity a little more attention. The possibilities are endless and can present your company or shop in another or better daylight. This print work is made to sell your company, products and services. I think of new forms and sizes, different types of paper, stunning photography and much more. Just imagine the impression you’ll leave with your potential target group when they glance at a different form of a folder or turn pages of a different style of a brochure.

Viewpoint Studio helps to compose your brochures and folders so they appeal and catch the eye. A textured paper for a stone flooring factory, a mat finish for an artwork store, a linen feel for a fashion outlet, etc. are only a few examples. I am convinced that together we can make something that you want your company represented with.

There is more in brochure and folder design than meets the eye

Have you thought about the new data protection law? Digital media can be very interactive and is reasonably cheap. Hitting the bin-button is far too easy and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) puts everything in a different perspective. Sending out digital and paper mailings without people opting in will be impossible. Distributing brochures and folders in other ways e.g. in your shop, on fairs in other businesses opens up new paths.

I can offer something unique, something your clients will love, not only because of the design but also because of the structure and how your products and services are visualized. A good design leads the eye and when you get at the last page the eye should have seen everything. Add an attractive an user-friendly order form with it and the job is completed.

Please contact me if you want to get the spotlight on your business.