book spine close up


I love book design and typography

I can help you with every type of book design: hardcover and softcover, fiction and non-fiction, coffee-table, poetry, cookbook,… A book is a set of pages bound together, but does it scream to be opened?
The design of a book is for a big part the analysis of the content. It’s succeeding in representing all the information in a visually attractive and clear way. I read the text then look through all the images and add structure to the contents. I then immerse myself in the theme to prepare myself for a productive brainstorm session and present you with a suitable design within your expectations. You’ll find a selection of books and booklets with text and images I’ve made over the years in the gallery below.

A book is a project

The design is more than a pretty in- and outside. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for one or all aspects of book design. I take great care in the choice of paper and present you with all the options for the cover and finishing techniques. Having an extensive library of hundreds of books behind my desk will help you visualise the ideas and possibilities. They are endless. Most of all you want a pageturner, but it does not stop there. I can give you advice on your project and help you with self-publishing whilst keeping the budget in mind.

And there is more, Viewpoint Studio will look out for the best printer to print your book. Contact will be made, quotes sent and on the site, inspections carried out to ensure that you get the quality you are expecting.

The whole or a part of the project can be managed by Viewpoint Studio. Editors are provided with a fast and reliable design service. But the same quality and care are given to authors and non-publishers. The service I provide includes data input, design, typography, photography, imaging and image research, test prints, advise and follow up. Are you interested? Then why not click the contact button to get inspired for your next project?