photoshop close up


Image editing to impress

I have used photo editing software for over twenty years and taught them to professionals photographers and graphic designers alike. At Viewpoint Studio I try to look for the picture with the least amount of work, whether it’s a photo or stock image. But sometimes they need image editing to obtain the desired result.

In my studio, I have the equipment to scan both film and photograph. I process the images for your print work and perform editing, retouching and manipulation if necessary. I can do colour corrections, remove unwanted objects, remove dust or scratches and paper tears, adding objects, etc. It is possible to make an old picture look better, to add colour or change colour,… Viewpoint Studio treats digital images for the appropriate print technique so that the colours are correct, white is white and black is black.

Stock photography to the rescue

I also provide an image search service using stock photography. Stock images are used when the budget for photography is too small. But that does not necessarily mean that the quality should suffer. Professional online stock photography offers a vast amount of digital artwork and pictures and therefore makes it perfect to suit design.


image editing old photo
This edit concentrates on the faces.