barcode close up


What is data input?

You probably have some data input line work to do from time to time. All electronic line work related to graphic design can be executed by me in a fast way. I place barcodes and prices, add data to folders, make address labels, input text and much more. Viewpoint Studio provides this extra service to help all customers with their different needs. I think that it is important to offer a full range of services to you to rely on. Viewpoint Studio allows you to concentrate all communication in one direction instead of working with multiple companies.

Do you want to know why data input is important?

I have several customers who are looking for just a little bit more than graphic design. Who makes barcodes and positions them in the correct way on products? And what if we’re talking about over a hundred items? Who inputs the text for a brochure or a book? And what about the prices in a form? The answer is mostly the customer. Data input can be a laborious and boring task, but there are solutions to make it fun! Furthermore, I will look for the technique that suits you the best. At Viewpoint Studio we focus on the customer relationship whilst keeping your budget in mind. Please click the contact button to discover what I can help you with.